BelRed Look Back

In 2009, after four years of public outreach and study, the City Council adopted a subarea plan and zoning and code changes for the BelRed area to facilitate its transformation from underutilized light industrial area to a collection of residential neighborhoods with thriving businesses and green spaces clustered around East Link light rail stations.

Today, with the "BelRed Look Back," the city is reviewing what has happened in BelRed since adoption of the subarea plan and code regulations to identify implementation strategies that are working well and those that may need adjustment to more effectively achieve the city's vision for BelRed.

Project Scope and Schedule

May 2016 – The first phase included an inventory of public and private investments and actions that have occurred in BelRed since adoption of the plan, including development of commercial and residential space, transportation facilities, parks and open space, environmental enhancements, and arts and culture.

June 2016 – In the second phase, the city gathered feedback from stakeholders including property owners, businesses, residents and developers on areas that have presented challenges. City boards and commissions were informed of the BelRed Look Back and stakeholders participated in focus group discussions about progress and challenges they have had to date. The Focus Group Guide provides an overview of topics discussed.

First Quarter 2018 – Combining knowledge gained from the initial outreach phases, staff will recommend a scope of work to the City Council in Q1 2018, identifying key strategies that need adjusting. Some adjustments may be quick and easy, while others will require further study. The recommended scope of work will identify both, and lay out next steps for the city to take.

How to Stay Engaged

If you would like to be added to the interested parties list, submit comments or have any questions, please contact the project manager.

Reference Materials


Emil A. King, AICPStrategic Planning Manager



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