Vision for the Arts (Cultural Compass)

By 2015, Bellevue’s cultural sector will have reached adulthood. Bellevue offers extraordinary cultural participation and learning opportunities for people of all ages. Distinctive cultural districts are linked to Bellevue’s bustling commercial districts. Bellevue’s maturing cultural sector builds its visibility, identity, and capacity. And Bellevue develops and attracts strong leadership in support of its cultural sector’s infrastructure and funding.

Cultural Compass

The Cultural Compass is Bellevue's cultural plan. Adopted in 2004, our goal for the Cultural Compass: A Strategic Vision for the Arts & Culture is to provide you with a road map for how you can help turn Bellevue into a cultural destination. The plan is designed to provide direction in the areas that impact cultural vitality including: cultural organizations and artists; cultural economic and business development; cultural diversity; cultural education; cultural facilities; public art; cultural resources; and administrative infrastructure at the city. We hope you find it useful as you plan your programs and cultural investments. 


The Arts Commission is updating the city’s strategic vision and core initiatives for art and culture. The City Council adopted the Cultural Compass in 2004. Now that it is 2017 we want to know: How should the arts in Bellevue look in 10 to 20 years? And what will it take to get us there? Please contact Joshua Heim if you’d like to weigh in.



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