Parent-Teen Conflicts

Are you and your parent/teen fighting more these days?

Parents Teens

Is talking to your teen a struggle?

Does it seem like you never get anywhere?

Feeling disconnected from your teen?

Worried about their future?

Are your parents on your case?

Do they treat you like a little kid sometimes?

Do they have unreasonable expectations other times?

Do you need more respect or privacy?

We all know that adolescence is a challenging transition. But how can parents and teens best handle it? Who can help you negotiate all the issues about school, rules, chores, car use, dating, siblings, money, etc.? The Bellevue Parent Teen Mediation Program can help. Mediation lets parents and teens talk about what is most important to you. The mediators are there to help make sure things go smoothly.

Our services are free, voluntary and confidential for the Bellevue community.

How mediation works

The mediators work as a team of two. As a parent or a teen, you have uninterrupted time to say what is important to you. The mediators listen to both parties without blaming or finding fault. Mediators help you listen to each other's underlying needs and desires.

The mediators don't take sides, instead they help parents and teens find solutions that work for everyone. Parents and teens in our mediations reach agreement about 75 percent of the time. Even more of them say that mediation helped improve their relationship.

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