FAQs and Helpful Articles

Are your services confidential?   

All written and verbal communications with our program are confidential.  Mediators cannot be summoned to appear in court as communications in a mediation or conciliation are privileged.

How is mediation different than a lawsuit?    

Mediation and conciliation are alternatives to going to court. Unlike a court case, mediations are free and do not require attorneys. Mediators do not act as judges, but help the parties to have a conversation about whether there is a solution that everyone can agree to live with. 

What if the other side breaks the agreement they made in mediation? 

Mediation agreements are binding contracts and can be enforced in a court just like any other type of contract.

Can you tell me what the law is regarding my issue?

Mediators and conciliators are not able to give out legal advise though some may be lawyers.  

Do you work with other departments in the City of Bellevue? 

Cases are often referred to us from other City of Bellevue departments such as code compliance, land use, city manager's office, neighborhood outreach, affordable housing, etc.

How long will it take to arrange for a mediation?

Once both parties have agreed to mediate, it usually takes up to two weeks to arrange a mediation.

Where do mediations take place?

Conciliations take place on the phone. Mediations take place at City Hall. We do not send mediators to people's homes, court or places of business.

Articles On Conflict-Related Topics

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