Neighborhood Conflicts

It may be that you have a conflict with a neighbor involving noise, a barking or at-large dog, a tree, parking, unsightly yards, children, lights, disrespect, or some other issue. You can call our program to help you resolve the problem.

The Conflict Resolution Center can handle  these issues, even though it may also be addressed by Code Compliance. Conflict Resolution and Code Compliance work with each other to address cases. The Conflict Resolution Center works as hard to help preserve or build a relationship with your neighbor in addition to resolving the immediate problem.

Even if the code applies, you may still want to try to resolve the problem through mediation before requesting enforcement. A code enforcement request can be anonymous, but your neighbor may suspect you and view it as a hostile act.

Sometimes the code applies, but the remedy required by the code enforcement doesn’t even address your concern – for example, a junky vehicle can be parked on your street so long as it operates. Conflict Resolution gives you an opportunity to make sure your concerns are addressed while also maintaining good neighborly relations.

Our services are free, voluntary and confidential for the Bellevue community.

You will find valuable articles on typical topics involving neighbors on our FAQs and Helpful Articles page

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