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Bellevue is a technology innovation center and a Pacific Gateway City, located in the heart of the Puget Sound Region of 3.6 million people. We are home to over 139,000 residents and more than 148,000 jobs. The city’s well educated workforce and great neighborhoods continue to attract new people and companies. The population is projected to grow significantly through 2035, adding 21,000 new residents and 53,000 new jobs. 

Bellevue is known as a center for Information Technology as well as Research & Development. Through 2020, technology firms alone will account for 6,500 new business openings.

Bellevue, along with our neighbor Seattle, is home to a large cluster of U.S. engineering and R&D centers. Major firms like Amazon, Google, Huawei, and Microsoft inject a vibrant energy into our ecosystem. The local economy is further invigorated by an future-focused culture which pushes our companies to the leading edge of technology development.

Bellevue is also a leader in Business Services and Aerospace and a growing center for companies in Clean Technology. This dynamic cluster attracts the best talent from the region and throughout the world. 

We have more information on specific areas of our ecosystem. Contact us directly for detailed or market specific information.

Benefits of Doing Business in Bellevue 

  • Highly educated workforce 
  • Strong technology sector 
  • International business center 
  • 45 corporate headquarters 
  • Safe community 
  • Outstanding schools 
  • Beautiful natural environment 

What are Bellevue's largest employers?

Employer Employees (as of the end of 2017)
Microsoft Corporation 7,100
T-Mobile USA  4,700
Expedia, Inc. 3,700
Bellevue School District 3,200
Overlake Medical Center 2,900
Bellevue College 2,000
Boeing 1,700
City of Bellevue 1,600
Puget Sound Energy 1,200
SAP Concur  1,000
Symetra Financial 1,000
Nordstrom, Inc. 900


What are Bellevue's fastest growing business clusters?

Bellevue's fastest growing business cluster by a wide margin is Information Technology, which added 29,335 jobs from 2009 to 2015. Sizable growth also occurred in business services (23,169 new jobs), tourism (14,429 new jobs), retail (14,121 new jobs), and health & fitness (17,091 jobs). The information technology field, in particular, has a high location quotient, which indicates a high concentration in that field in Bellevue. Business services follows, then real estate, educational services, and retail.

image of chart showing high growth industries in the city.Source: Puget Sound Regional Council and City of Bellevue, 2016


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