Business Taxes

King County offers an attractive tax structure for many types of businesses. Washington State currently ranks 11th highest on the Small Business Survival Index. The tax system also features a state and local property tax with annual increases subject to statutory limitations and a Business and Occupation Tax based upon gross receipts. Washington State’s tax system features: 

  • No corporate income tax 
  • No unitary tax 
  • No inventory tax 
  • No personal income tax 
  • No tax on interest, dividends or capital gains 
  • No sales or use tax on machinery and equipment used in manufacturing operations 
  • A state and local property tax with annual increases subject to statutory limitations 
  • A business and occupation (B&O) tax which is based on gross receipts 

In addition, Washington State compares favorably in per capita taxes compared to other states with significant technology sectors. 

Washington State Taxes: 

  • Sales and Use Tax 
  • Business & Occupation Tax 
  • Property Tax 
  • Washington State does not collect an income or estate tax 

Washington State offers a range of incentives geared toward attracting and retaining businesses that will create jobs and enhance economic vitality and stability. Most of the incentives are customized to meet the needs of specific industries. If you are interested in growing or expanding your business in the Bellevue, we would be happy to introduce you to the State of Washington Business Development team to help you identify which incentives fit your business model. 

For information on registering or to pay your taxes online please visit the Tax Home Page.

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