Research and Education

Pinnacle of Innovation 

Bellevue and the Seattle region are at the forefront of innovation in information technology, biosciences and aerospace. The region’s high level of spending on research & development by major corporations such as Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft as well as the University of Washington’s recent recognition as the most innovation public university in the world demonstrates our creative and innovative culture. 


  • The University of Washington conducts $1.2 billion in research annually. 
  • Microsoft annually spends on average $10 billion on R&D. 
  • Local startups attract more than $1.2 billion in venture capital investment. 
  • Bellevue's Venture Capital firms like Ignition Partners and Trilogy Partners fund startups across the region and encourage entrepreneurial activity.
  • The City supports our innovation-focused culture and startups through Startup 425.


Bellevue provides access to exceptional educational opportunities for residents of all ages. The highly rated Bellevue School District attracts families that want to create a solid foundation for their children. The city's higher education institutions creates talented individuals that are future-focused and thrive in innovation-focused businesses.

The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX): 

  • Located in Bellevue’s Spring District, GIX is a partnership between the University of Washington and Tsinghua University.
  • Will pioneer new models of global teaching and learning by directly connecting students and faculty through equal collaborations with research-led companies and non-profits in a holistic, project-based environment
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