Talent and Workforce

Bellevue Workforce Profile

Bellevue workers are technology pioneers. The city offers a reliable and well-trained workforce. More than 60% of residents over 24 years of age hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher; making Bellevue one of the most highly educated cities in the U.S. More over, approximately 70% hold professional positions. Desirable and well-connected business districts help attract talent from Seattle and the larger Puget Sound region's 3.6 million person population. 

Employee tenure in Bellevue’s technology industry averages over 3 years, significantly higher than Silicon Valley.

Bellevue's Diversity

Bellevue welcomes the world. The city stands out with our distinct and notably international population, which inspires a welcoming and inclusive culture. The foreign born population grew 66% from 1990 to 2000 and 107% between 2000 and 2010. 

Bellevue enjoys a tremendous influence from Asia with residents from India, China, Japan and Korea making Bellevue their home. The Asian population increased by 77% between 2000 and 2010. Bellevue’s Chinese population continues to represent the largest subgroup of Bellevue’s Asian population. However, Bellevue’s Asian Indian population has been the fastest growing subgroup, increasing nearly threefold since 2000.

What drives population growth?

Historically, population growth in Bellevue has been driven by factors like the number of good jobs available, the diversity of transit options, parks and natural space, and schools. While the city's population in 1953 was just 5,950, in 2016 it reached 139,400. By 2030, Bellevue is expected to be home to over 160,000 people.

image of population growth

Where are people from?

Bellevue has always been one of the most diverse communities in Washington State. Since 2000, about 93% of our city's population growth has been from the foreign-born population. The percentage of residents born outside of the United States eclipses Seattle, King County, and Washington State, and has continued to grow over time.

image of residents' origins

What is Bellevue's educational attainment?

Over 60% of Bellevue's population has attained a bachelors degree or higher, and over 120,000 knowledge workers commute to work into Bellevue each day. Bellevue is one of the most highly-educated cities in the United States.
image of educational attainment


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