Reducing Impact of Waste

image of Zero Waste Collection Station

The City of Bellevue is committed to reducing the impacts of waste on the environment and offers recycling and organics collection services to minimize the amount of waste going to landfills. The City provides a variety of services to help Bellevue residents and businesses reduce their waste and impact on the environment.

Bellevue contracts with Republic Services, a private company, for residential and business recycling and garbage services. Bellevue residents living in single-family households also have access to organics collection from Republic Services, and some multi-family and commercial buildings also provide organics collection in Bellevue.

What Goes Where?

Not sure where to put some of your waste?  Can it be recycled or composted?  Check out the What Goes Where posters for single and multi-family homes:

 Single-Family What Goes Where poster
 Multi-Family What Goes Where poster

More Information

For more information on recycling, organics collection, and garbage collection in Bellevue, go to the Utilities Department Manage Your Utilities Services page. 

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