Bellevue's Comprehensive Plan

Bellevue's comprehensive plan is a broad statement of community goals and policies that direct the orderly and coordinated physical development of the city. The maps, goals and policies of the plan provide the basis for Bellevue's regulations, programs and services. Bellevue is known as a community with beautiful natural areas, a vibrant downtown and strong economy, some of the nation’s best schools and healthy neighborhoods. Bellevue’s success stems from decades of community work, foresight and planning. 

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The comprehensive plan is organized into two volumes. The first section of Volume 1 contains introductory materials that establish the context for the plan — background information about Bellevue and the community’s vision for the future. Volume 1 then includes all of the general plan elements that contain the policies that apply citywide. Each of the elements is organized into three basic components: (1) an individual vision statement; (2) an overview that describes the background and context for the element; and (3) a list of goals and policies that, when implemented, will achieve the community’s vision. Volume 2 contains goals and policies of the subarea (or neighborhood area) plans and a consolidated list of long-range transportation facility projects.

Interactive Flipbook format:

General Elements Volume 1

Subarea Plans Volume 2 (forthcoming)

Individual PDF Chapters 

General Elements - Volume 1

Subarea Plans - Volume 2

Comprehensive Transportation Project List

Citywide Comprehensive Plan map

Code Consistency Amendments

Bellevue's comprehensive plan was updated in 2015. As a result, our critical areas ordinance is being amended. Learn more at Critical Areas.


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