Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2017 Plan Amendments

Plan Amendments Process

Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are carefully considered every year.

The two-month application period for suggesting an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan be initiated is from Dec. 1 through Jan. 31. Complete details on this process are found in the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezone Procedures Guide. To apply for an amendment, you must download and complete a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application, also available in hard copy from Development Services.

Site-specific amendments require a rezone application. To apply for a rezone along with a Comprehensive Plan amendment, go to the Rezone page.

Through threshold review and public hearings, the Planning Commission recommends which proposed amendments should be considered for the CPA work program.

The City Council reviews the recommendations and determines which proposed amendments to include in the annual work program.

The Weekly Permit Bulletin provides public notice to alert residents, owners, agencies and organizations regarding Notices of Application, SEPA Threshold Determinations and CPA public hearings.

The Planning Commission conducts the final review and public hearings and makes final recommendations to the City Council.

The City Council approves or denies proposed amendments.

    2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Updated 12-19-2016)

    10-year update of the Comprehensive Plan (2015)


Receive notification regarding changes to the Comprehensive Plan


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