Electrical Facilities Planning

The City of Bellevue has the authority to regulate land use and, under the Growth Management Act, the requirement to consider the location of existing and proposed utilities and potential utility corridors in land use planning. The city must also plan for the provision of essential public utilities such as electrical facilities consistent with the goals and objectives of its Comprehensive Plan, taking into consideration the public service obligation of the utility involved.

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Puget Sound Energy is underway with Energize Eastside, an electrical facilities project to site and build approximately 18 miles of new 230-kilovolt transmission line from Redmond to Renton, through Bellevue.

The city is engaging with PSE on the Energize Eastside project and will continue to look for opportunities to ensure the public's questions and concerns are addressed by PSE.

The city has an equal responsibility to ensure that community input is solicited on the siting of proposed facilities that may have a significant adverse impact on the surrounding community. Read about ensuring community input on the Engagement page.

Bellevue's Guiding Principles in Electrical Facilities Planning

We recognize that siting major, new infrastructure in a well-established city such as Bellevue is complex and will require tough decisions.

A reliable power supply is important to Bellevue residents, businesses and stakeholders today and will be critical as we form our future.


Annual Electrical Reliability Workshop

Ongoing reliability monitoring is accomplished with Exponent's Overview of 2015 Electrical System Reliability

The 2017 electrical reliability workshop was held on September 15, 2017 from 1-3 pm. It was conducted via webinar. Get the Reliability Reports now:

*This is a very big mp4. Please request it via OneDrive.

The 2016 electrical reliability workshop was held on August 19, 2016, from 1-3 pm. It was conducted via webinar. Get the Webinar and Reliability Report documents now:

The 2015 electrical reliability workshop was held on August 6, 2015. Get the documents:

Independent Technical Analysis

On May 4, 2015, the City Council and public heard directly from Utility Systems Efficiencies, the independent consultant hired by the city to provide an independent technical analysis of Puget Sound Energy's proposal to upgrade Bellevue and the Eastside's electric facilities infrastructure.

Get the report:

The latest study--and the second independent study commissioned by the City Council--confirms a need for the project to address growth in Bellevue; to address the reliability of the electric grid serving the Eastside; and a need to address regional grid power flows.

The USE analysis is the latest step in a timeline of process which has consistently demonstrated a need to upgrade electric facilities infrastructure serving Bellevue's growth and the Eastside.

The first independent study to identify this need was the Electrical Reliability Study (ERS) commissioned by the city in 2011. Here is an ERS implementation Report Card on that study.


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