Neighborhood Area Planning


Bellevue is a community of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. The city will collaborate with residents to draw up plans for Bellevue's 16 neighborhood areas that ensure that each remains a high-quality environment, able to adapt to changing needs while retaining its distinct character.

In early 2018 the City Council made implementation of neighborhood area planning one of its three-year priorities for 2018–2020. The process for developing neighborhood area plans is currently being formulated, and will include guidance from residents on their neighborhoods' current issues and how to best hear from all Bellevue residents. Information regarding the planning process, events and residents’ contributions from all over Bellevue will be regularly updated on this site. Please check in frequently!

Neighborhood Area Plan Contents

While the content of each neighborhood area plan will be unique and tailored to fit respective neighborhoods, all of the plans will follow a consistent organizational structure and format. A uniform structure for all neighborhood area plans will make it easier for readers to use the document, support a more efficient planning process and reinforce awareness that each neighborhood element is part of the larger Comprehensive Plan.

Public Engagement Goals

  • Facilitate a meaningful public dialogue tailored to each neighborhood and leading to a plan that is relevant to the neighborhood.
  • Engage with and incorporate the perspectives of all residents, including those who have been historically under-represented.
  • Enrich knowledge and understanding of neighborhood and citywide issues, priorities and opportunities.
  • Establish communication channels that are flexible, accessible, transparent and welcoming.
Date Event Resources
5/29/18 Initial NAP Presentation to Council


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