Wilburton - Grand Connection

The Wilburton-Grand Connection initiative will establish a landmark and unique vision that will create new opportunities for connectivity and community identity. The objectives of the study will be to establish an urban design vision for the Grand Connection and a new land use vision for the Wilburton commercial area that will capitalize on the context of the study area and its connectivity to Bellevue’s high-growth 

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The Grand Connection

The Grand Connection begins at the waterfront of Lake Washington at Meydenbauer Bay Park, extending through Bellevue’s dynamic downtown and ultimately connecting with the regional Eastside Rail Corridor in the Wilburton commercial area. The opportunity exists to create unique themes and environments along each segment of the Grand Connection, complimenting existing and future uses. Ultimately the Grand Connection will influence the land use patterns of the Wilburton commercial area by improving connectivity to downtown and creating a landmark piece of infrastructure.

Wilburton Commercial Area

The study of the Wilburton commercial area will provide a sweeping new vision for an area that has received substantial improvements in transportation and infrastructure in recent years. Capitalizing on its proximity and connectivity to the high-growth areas of downtown and BelRed, Wilburton is poised to serve as the next great urban neighborhood of Bellevue. With the forthcoming light rail, Wilburton’s enhanced connectivity will help generate the need for a new land use vision, improved amenities, and an opportunity to establish a unique identity and character that compliments its context and prominence.

In December of 2015, staff presented to the City Council the study area and principles for approval.



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Strategic PlanningStaff Contact: Emil King




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